The Bulgarian Yoga Association (BYA) is already using a comprehensive CRM system to manage the relationships with clients and students more effectively, the organization said. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution was implemented in the Association by the consulting team of Balkan Services, and the main goals of the project are both the creation and management of a customer database and the structuring of the processes and the various activities in the organization.

The Association says that the project is based on the incentive to get to know the people who attend yoga classes and link everything mentioned in the old tradition of yoga with the needs of modern people. Using the CRM solution Microsoft Dynamics 365, they create a centralized database of key information for the visitors—their health, why and how long they practice yoga and other features that help the Association to track student development.

But the biggest benefit to BYA is the fact that after the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the solution assists in structuring all processes, it becomes a core system for the organization and saves the physical effort of the employees. According to Nina Georgieva, a Yoga Teacher and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Yoga Association, “the activity of BYA already has one backbone, a starting point, and as we know in yoga without a strong backbone, we do not really have a good benefit in our activity. This product enables us to record everything that happens, to manage all communication with our customers.” An integration of the system with the Association’s website is also expected.

Apart from choosing a specific CRM system, the added value is that the Association sees Balkan Services as the implementing company to “tailor” the product to its needs. “The Association is a different organization and its processes are quite different from the standard ones, so it is necessary to really understand them and come up with a solution suitable not just for a company or a trading company, but for a yoga center,” Georgieva said and added that the consulting company offers a certain form of “tailoring” the product to their particular purposes.