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Elgeka Ferfelis Bulgaria

Elgeka Ferfelis provides a complete integrated system of commercial services of FMCG Sales, Marketing, Trade and Logistics. The company offers a wide selection of high quality products to the consumers. They are an authorized distributor of the products of leading multinational companies as Reckitt Benckiser (Vanish,Calgon, Calgonit, Cillit, Veet, Air Wick), Kimberly-Clark (Huggies, Kleenex), Agros Nova (Sonda), Energizer, Wilkinson.


Atlantis ERP serves the overall commercial, financial, accounting, manufacturing and accounting activities of the company. The project was implemented in the shortest time with the transfer of know-how and business requirements from the parent company in Romania. The system is in compliance with Bulgarian legislation. The records of operational and management level are done by means of Atlantis ERP, and the cashflow is done by product, customer, manufacturer and branches in the country. The result is a single database, updated and accurate information.