"Through the CRM system, we were able to centralize all the company's information, which allowed us to master one of the most critical points in our business." 


Established back in the year 2000, ELVI Ltd. owns the brands ELVI and BOZHENCI and develops in the following directions:
1. Processing of raw cow's milk and manufacturing dairy products; 2. Milk yield from its own cow farm; 3. Processing of agricultural land to ensure proper feeding of animals in the cow farm.
The main objective of the company is to supply its customers with high quality dairy products, preserving the traditional Bulgarian tastes by:
- Exclusive selection of raw materials
- Modern methods of processing and control
- Supply of products with constant taste.

Deployment of the CRM solution

Project description:
The CRM project is based on two main components:
1. Back office (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online), which manages and controls all business activities - customers' product lists, price lists, product data and all information, coming from the distributor.
2. Mobile application (Resco Mobile CRM), integrated with a back office component and supporting the work of sales representatives with distributors and customers.
Based on specified routes, site visits are performed by automatically registering the location and time (based on GPS coordinates). The result is easy traceability and higher control, as well as optimization of deliveries, resulting in a reduction in operating costs.
Apart from placing orders and various trade activities, the visit can be combined with merchandising.
It mainly works offline and synchronization is initiated manually or automatically over a certain period of time.
The result is a complete and accurate picture of the "Site-Client-Distributor" relationship.

Benefits (for the company) from the implementation of the project:
Improved communication between individual business units; Structuring of the customer base; Improving accountability; Receiving up-to-date information on customer needs.

Executive Director/CEO/; Sales team - Commercial Director, Regional Managers and Sales Representatives; Office Analysts and Operations Department.