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Each company aims at having a team of highly-motivated professionals. Over the years, Balkan Services has built a team which is not only a contractor, but an integral part of our company's development.

Our projects' specificity and challenges we face on a daily basis require extremely effective communication and interaction not only between our team members but also between the team and our clients.

To fully satisfy their expectations, we have built flexible organizational structure and strong company culture.

The skills and knowledge the team members acquire through various intra-company and specialized trainings help for improvement of quality and added value offered to our clients.

We continuously encourage our experts to show initiative and share their ideas, we strongly believe in personal contribution of each of them.

Active participation in each project stage is essential, because it helps build a cohesive team of people who not only understand every aspect of our clients' company, and business activities, but also their individual role in achieving the end result.

  • Vladimir Rashev - Balkanservices.com
    Vladimir Rashev

    Managing Partner

    T: +359 2 4008947

    M: +359 898 886 954

    E: vladimir.rashev


  • Boyana Likomanova - Balkanservices.com
    Boyana Likomanova

    Head of BI Department and Partner

    T: +359 2 4008951

    M: +359 894 649 563

    E: boyana.likomanova


  • Slavi Slavov
    Slavi Slavov

    Head of ERP Department and Partner

    T: +359 2 4008945

    M: +359 898 876 638

    E: slavi.slavov


  • Desislava Balgaranova
    Desislava Balgaranova

    Head of Financial Department and Partner

    T: +359 2 4008944

    M: +359 897 933 886

    E: desislava.balgaranova


  • Peter Stanev - Balkanservices.com
    Peter Stanev

    Head of IT Department and Partner

    T: +359 2 4008943

    M: +359 899 941 598

    E: peter.stanev


  • Dobromir Mateev - Balkanservices.com
    Dobromir Mateev

    Head of Division and Partner

    M: +359 889 066 888

    E: dobromir.mateev


  • Radoslav Vangelov
    Radoslav Vangelov

    Business Development Manager

    M: +359 882 618 508

    E: radoslav.vangelov