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    Our customers are both large and small companies, unified by the fact they are progress-oriented. Hence, their need for a reliable partner, who knows their business well, accompanies them on their way to future success and grows up together with them.
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    Since 2006, we have successfully completed over 400 projects for ERP, BI, and CRM implementation, development of a complete IT infrastructure, as well as European projects. Each of these projects has been different and innovative and through all of them we have challenged ourselves in order to develop further. We have carried out over 200 integrations with more than 150 different systems. The biggest payback, however, is that our clients put their trust in us over and over again.
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    The experience we have gained over the last 10 years and 428 projects has taught us that the most accurate indicator of our job is customers' satisfaction. We consider a successfully completed project one that is not only technically correct, but is also put to daily use with the aim of business upgrade and development.
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    The secret to our success is our team! Over the years, our consultants have proved multiple times that impossible tasks do not exist. The gradual team expansion, the constant improvement and trainings all ensure a steady increase in our expertise and allow us to be confident in the service quality we provide.
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    We believe we assist our clients in looking into the future. A future defined by new technologies, quick changes and ever more demanding clients. A future where your business can become a leader with our help.
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