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We help established organizations to nail the right software solution for their business and implement it in the fastest, most efficient and smooth way

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    BI, ERP, FPM systems, disclosure management and XBRL solutions.

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Stefan Kemenchedzhiev, Ficosota, BalkanServices' client
Stefan Kemenchedzhiev
Manager Business Analysis, FICOSOTA

"Our products are present in about 50 markets. Now through the BI system each user can track sales in all markets, which the company operates in, using one report, instead of analyzing multiple reports for each market separately. This provides us with invaluable information on Ficosota's real sales and the way they are changing"

Blagovest Vitanov from MFG - Balkan Services' client
Blagovest Vitanov
Head of Reporting & Budgeting at MFG

All meetings with the Balkan Services team went quickly and smoothly. The team understood what our company needed and guided us through the entire process during the LucaNet implementation. The colleagues from Balkan Services were tightly beside me at every point where a decision had to be made. This made me feel very relaxed and secure in working with them."

Mihail Todorov
Mihail Todorov
Project Management Director at Groupama

When professionals team up together, things do really work out. The effort was definitely worth it and we are all very satisfied because the results are really impressive: time and money saved, optimization and flexible system of great potential for upgrading."

Borislav Mirchev, Viscom BG AD, Balkan Services' client
Borislav Mirchev
CEO and shareholder, VISCOM BG CORP.

"It's too hard to cover the big picture through different systems. That's why we've decided to deploy a modern ERP system that integrates as much as possible all business processes and all of our companies."

Hristo Stoyanov, Boni Holding SA, Balkan Services' client
Hristo Stoyanov
Financial Director, Boni Holding AD

"Implementation of LucaNet.Financial Consolidation has helped us reconsider many of the processes occurring during the financial statement consolidation itself. We managed to rearrange many things and place them on one base, which allows comparability between separate organizations."

Zlatina Yotova, UBB Interlease, Balkan Services' client
Zlatina Yotova
Financial director at UBB Interlease EAD

By using Qlik Sense we have the opportunity to focus on data analysis. It helps us to base our management decisions on up-to-date data, presented in a much more visible way, which increases the speed of the decision-making process and the competitiveness of the company in general. The results already show that we achieve better growth in the “New Business” secton, which is of utmost importance for us as a company, for the shareholders and the whole group.

Aleksandra Mihova, Jumbo, Balkan Services' client
Aleksandra Mihova

"On behalf of Jumbo ES. B, I want to thank the IT team at Balkan Services for the integrity and professionalism they have demonstrated over the last 7 years. We highly appreciate the fact all our projects have always been implemented successfully and on time. We recommend "Balkan Services" to all its potential clients as a reliable trust-worthy partner in their future collaborations."

Viktor Spiriev, Monbat, Balkan Services' client
Viktor Spiriev
CEO, Monbat Group

"At Monbat we are committed to excellence. When it comes to monitoring and control of our manufacturing processes, we leverage the use of IT technology to create an efficient and effective control environment." Projects: Implementation of Atlantis ERP and Qlik

Andreana Mateva, Intersnack Bulgaria Ltd., Balkan Services' client
Andreana Mateva
Finance & Operations Director, Intersnack Bulgaria

“Our cooperation with the Balkan Services team is, in my opinion, an example of nice work, meaning - very collaborative and very beneficial. It felt like being a customer because they really took the time to grasp what we really want, offered the options and gave us everything we needed. We also had their support in hepling us to formulate our requirements, which was really invaluable.“

Stoyan Popov - Balkan Services' client
Stoyan Popov
CEO, Sport Vision

"Balkan Services is a partner that is very close to customers, interested in what will help us the most. The customer approach is something that always grabs when working with them."

Our company

Balkan Services is an IT consulting company helping established organizations to nail the right software solution for their business and implement it in the fastest, most efficient, and smoothest way.


Since our inception in 2006, we have successfully completed over 690 projects for business software implementation and building comprehensive IT infrastructure, mostly in large and medium-sized enterprises.


Over the years, we have established ourselves as a leading integrator of BI solutions in Bulgaria with a 30% market share, with over 420 successfully completed BI projects in leading industries.


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