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CHRYSMETAL Ltd. was established in 2002 and is a member of CHRYSSAFIDIS S.A. Group - Greece. The company is specialized in trade of industrial and pipeline equipment (pipes, fittings, strainers, pressure reducing and safety valves, steam traps, actuators, insulation, PP-R systems, etc.). The products areaccompanied with quality certificates (EN10204- 3.1b, 2.2, 2.1 etc.) and are in accordance with international standards (ISO, DIN, API, ASA, BS etc.)



Atlantis ERP serves the commercial and financial- accounting of the company. Reports at operational level are also realized by means of the integrated system. The work is on-line, ensuring quality and efficient customer service and currentinformation at any time.


Subscription commputer support for the complete infrastructure: network connectivity, computer systems, printers (local and network), network devices (switches, routers), servers, etc., thereby ensuring efficiency of the whole system rather than its separate components. Any action on a separate component (computer, printer, server or a switch) is consistent with the system as a homogenous entity.