Fibran Bulgaria

Fibran Bulgaria started its engineering and trade activities with a full range of building insulation and systems. One of the major goals has been to introduce and supply the Bulgarian market with a new product - FIBRAN xps – extruded foam polystyrene. Besides a variety of high-quality products, the company offers professional consulting to its clients for the most appropriate decision regarding the choice of suitable material and its application methods. Today, the first Bulgarian factory for thermal insulating boards from extruded foam polystyrene is already a fact. Production capacity of the unit is 150 000 m3 annually, while the output has the FIBRAN Eco trademark, now recognized on the market, and is is designated both for Bulgarian market and export. In the early 2005 a highly advanced logistic center was opened.




Atlantis ERP serves the commercial, financial, accounting and production activities of the company. Reports are realized with the tools of the ERP system.



As a solution in Business Intelligence/ Datawarehouse Management, Fibran choses Qlik. The production process is concentrated in Rousse. As a result the database is unified, the information is being updated every day, the management and support are centralized.