How long does the process of financial consolidation take

If you want to find out how to significantly shorten it and save time for key employees, you are welcome to come to the 2nd specialized seminar “Digital Transformation of Financial Consolidation” which will be held on June 6 in Sofia.

Why to take participation

An effective way to automate the consolidation process will be demonstrated during the seminar. Financial experts from Balkan Services will present “LucaNet” - a software solution for management of the financial performance of organizations, which allows quick and precise preparation of consolidated accounts.

At the event you will learn about the opportunities for:

  • Changing the consolidation process in digital transformation conditions;
  • Significant shortening of time for the preparation of consolidated accounts;
  • Making more accurate and easier-to-process accounts;
  • Managing of the correct presentation of the accounts;
  • Integration of consolidation, planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes.

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Who is the event suitable for

The seminar is suitable for all business executives, financial directors, chief accountants, as well as financial and accounting departments that manage, participate, or are directly related to the consolidation process in holding companies.

When: 06 June 2019

Where: Sofia, “Grami” Hotel Conference Center, “Serdika” Hall


  • Desislava Balgaranova - Financial Systems and Solutions Manager and Partner, Balkan Services;
  • Miroslava Belcheva - Financial Consultant, Balkan Services;
  • Galina Nankinska - Financial Consultant, Balkan Services.

Free registration

A preliminary free registration is required in order to participate in the seminar.

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