We are glad to invite you to the first LucaNet Workshop, organized by Balkan Services consulting company!

Apart from LucaNet Certified Professionals, who will lead practical modules, we have also invited registered auditors at Grant Thornton and Bisikom 61 OOD. The workshop will present current changes in IFRS in 2016, and updates and related explanations, all connected to financial consolidation.

Main topics:

  • Latest news and changes in IFRS and IAS, connected to financial consolidation
  • Obligations and Contracts Act Companies—accounting and financial aspects
  • Financial consolidation and planning using specialized software—case studies in LucaNet.

The workshop continues for a whole day and each trainee will get a computer with access to LucaNet consolidation and planning software, as well as free lecture materials and a coffee and lunch. For more info on planning and consolidation using LucaNet software, please check here and here.

For more information and registration, please visit our page HERE.
Date: Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Place: 1, Universitetski park Str., Studentski grad, Sofia (free parking)
Time: 9:00 AM—5:40 PM

The price for registering before 18 May is 150 BGN, excl. VAT, after that date—180 BGN, excl. VAT.
Seats are limited to 15, so during the workshop, each trainee to get personal attention.