An agreement as consortium has been signed between Altec S.A . and seven Greek banks Altec S.A. is known as developer of business software and as one of the largest IT companies in the Balkans. This consortium increased the capital of Altec SA by 40 million euros.
The company has 27 years experience in developing software solutions and is regional provider of software for business management with over 500 000 licensed users in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Serbia, Egypt and Turkey. Atlantis ERP is high class solution and is on the market by 1998. Today, Atlantis ERP is among the most preferred ERP systems in the Balkans. The system integrates all aspects in each company – beginning with production, passing by finances to government accountability and business analysis using Business Intelligence tools.
Altec S.A. has started its activity on Bulgarian market since year 2000. The first implementation of ERP system, even in a whole country is realized in Sofia Mel. Now Atlantis ERP is implemented in over 40 Bulgarian trade and industrial companies and four banks with over 1000 users.
In Bulgaria operates two integrators for Atlantis ERP – ACSIOR Services and Balkan Services. Also Sysware is Altec SA’s daughter company, hardware integrator through whom Altec S.A. takes part in government auctions.
Altec S.A. increases its capital to E 40 million after signing an agreement with seven leading banks.