Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services implemented an ERP system for business management in Cibank. The implemented solution is focused on the bank’s operational activities and aims to provide current and detailed information about all activities and processes, typical for the traditional banking system. The project applies to the bank’s back office and to all activities performed by the accounting department: asset management, inventories, relations with vendors, VAT, distribution of expenses and others.
The solution involves integration with a number of internal systems, among them the main banking system, the payroll system and others. Atlantis ERP Financials significantly improves the process of generating accounting information, including its analyzing and presentation in a way supporting management decision making. It has the functionality for a quick search of documents and reports according to different criteria and in different modules. In addition, all documents and reports from the program can be stored and set for printing according to the specific requirements of the bank team.
The software system was implemented for exceptionally short time period. We take pride in the fully electronic process of approval and signing of payment documents in accordance with the bank’s green policy.
The project strengthens Balkan Services’ position as the company with the highest number of ERP systems implementations in the Bulgarian banking sector. Our team has a long-standing experience in integration with all types of banking systems. Moreover, it has been involved in some of the most complex projects related to implementing business software in Bulgarian financial institutions.
“Despite the fact that the process of cost accounting for budgetary units and business segments gets complicated, the benefits of providing timely and detailed information necessary for monitoring and making decisions far outweigh the costs for the implementation. Implementing Atlantis ERP Financials not only facilitates and optimizes the performance of employees in the accounting department, but also leads to improving the processes and effectiveness of the Finance division and the bank as a whole. Generating information is possible in seconds at the different sections, which expands the information database of management and improves the decision-making processes. Thanks to the constructive and timely proposals from the team of Balkan Services, as well as their high professionalism, the project was completed and implemented successfully,” said Andrianna Andreeva, Financial Director at Cibank.
“The implementation of Atlantis ERP Financials is a successful project for Cibank, which completely falls within the parameters of KBC’s group policy,” said Frank Yansen, CFO and Executive Director of Cibank.