ERP systems contain all the information about your business, but reports and data analyzes are not among their strengths. QlikView can be the solution that can get more out of the ERP system you are using. It can dramatically change the way you receive information from your data, and with very low investment you can see results within one week. If the above seems far-fetched, we invite you to see for yourself, as did many other companies like Darko, UMC, Grestocommerce, Coca-Cola, Festa Holding, Top Drinks, Danone, Orgachim, Montecanal, Fibran, Monbat, Raiffeisen Bank, Eurohold, Multirama, Amperel, and others, that have already implemented ERP systems and QlikView. Balkan Services together with Bulgaria LLP has specialized in connecting QlikView with various ERP systems such as MS Dynamics NAV and MS Dynamics AX. The solution has built-in integration with systems such as SAP, Oracle, Atlas, Technoclass, Maconomy, INFOR and others. You can test it personally at the so called "BI Test Drive", which will take place at 27.10 and 29.10. Registration is free at, where you can get more information about the format, location and duration. Places are limited to 10 people, so hurry.