Recently the percentage of companies interested in implementing business intelligence software (BI) is getting higher because of the accumulation of large amounts of data that need to be processed and brought into a form suitable for analyzing. This gathered together the official guests in the webinar focused on BI that was held on July 11 in the online channel The event was organized by technology site IDG.BG with the support of Balkan Services, Team VISION Bulgaria, QlikView and Infos Bulgaria.

Business intelligence software is a horizontal solution that can be used for any type of business state structures, scientific organizations and NGOs. One of the most important requirements of BI software is the availability of structured information that can be processed and converted into a form useful for business. Currently, when a company has accumulated a volume of data no matter of its size BI is a meaningful investment. Perhaps the only criterion for companies is related to budget.
You can see video of the discussion here: