CBA Asset Management, which is among the leading companies in the retailing of food products in Bulgaria, successfully complete a project on implementation of Business Intelligence solution QlikView. The project is realized with the help of the staff of the consulting company Balkan Services. CBA Asset Management AD has over 30 stores and is part of the Association CBA Bulgaria. Large number of shops, variety and regular customers throughout the country, daily generates a huge amount of information subject to continuous surveillance. Gradually the need of introduction of a solution that provides summaries visualized as best business information appears. It is also important the new instrument to achieve comprehensive monitoring and management of the company and support the process of making key management decisions.

“When we started searching for a solution of CBA information problems we get convinced that a specialized solution for BI reports and analysis is what we needed. Our systems were providing few and not enough functional reference. The need for comprehensive business insight was great” said Radostina Nencheva, ID Finance and Administration of CBA Asset Management.

The architecture of the application includes QlikView server with 15 users from management and key employees. The scope of the project includes the preparation of reports and analyzes for different areas of company activity - sales and business, finance, customer cards, operative reports, Management Dashboard with key indicators, etc. As a result of the variety of available options for information separation by region, stores, periods, brands, products, etc., desired flexibility is obtained for analysis in each reference. Due to the convenience and positive evaluation of QlikView effectiveness the users of the system increase. Main data is loaded from the application of SIS Technology - POSMaster (sales), McMaster (finance), and McSalary (salaries) and other sources. A centralized and dynamic data warehouse solution was created, it allows all available data on sales, supplies, audits, maps and financial flows to be used and create tests for all departments - financial accounting, management and strategy, sales, merchandising, promotions and others. Implementation of QlikView increases the quality of information. It helps for quick making the right decisions, facilitate the process of planning and control and provides an overview of the company.