As a result of moving to Google Analytics 4, after July 2024, if not stored, your Google Analytics Universal data will be irretrievably lost. Google is officially warning its users that all Universal Analytics services will cease to function as of July 1, 2024.

For Balkan Services' needs, we have developed a Qlik Sense application to download and store historical traffic and user behaviour data on our website.

The solution would also be useful for all companies who want to save all available data from their Google Analytics Universal account for 2 years back. With it, organizations can analyze the most important traffic metrics, looking at them from different perspectives and cross-sections.

The Qlik Sense app provides the ability to upgrade and connect to Google Analytics 4, Facebook, LinkedIn and other marketing data sources, allowing comparison of current versus historical data.

Use of the service requires a one-time payment to build the application, as well as the purchase of a minimum of one Qlik Sense Professional User license*, which can be used to create other analytics, reporting, dashboards, and graphing applications of various kinds.


To save your Google Analytics Universal data before you lose it for good, email us here >


*If your company already uses the Qlik Sense BI platform for business analytics and reporting, there is no need to purchase an additional license.