The promotion of the new version of QlikView 9.0 in Bulgaria was held on 4th November in the National Archeological Museum. The event was held under the motto: “When Business Intelligence is that good, you also have to be very good”. QlikView is the fastest growing Business Intelligence (BI) solution in the world. This solution completely changed the BI industry with its associative In-Memory technology – which allowed the organizations to move faster – at the speed of thought. The official partners of QlikView in Bulgaria were presented on the event. Balkan Services, one of the official partners of QlikView for Bulgaria, presented numerous solutions for the industry, financial sector, services, pharmaceutical industry, utility sector, as well as retail and wholesale commerce. Innovative solutions of clients of Balkan Services were presented during the event – solutions for the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and the ice-cream producer Darko, a part of the Balkan Accession Fund. Some of the clients of Balkan Services, using QlikView in Bulgaria, are: First Investment Bank, Unicredit Leasing, CBA, Darko, Servier Bulgaria, Yavlena Real Estate, POD Lukoil Garant – Bulgaria etc. Balkan Services has already successfully implemented over 50 projects, in more than 30 leading companies in Bulgaria.