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Amperel Ltd.

Amperel Ltd. is a leading company operating in the field of import and distribution of fast moving goods sector on the Bulgarian market, established in 1993.
The company offers a comprehensive system of commercial services which include Sales, Marketing, Merchandising, Logistics and Administration.
The company develops its own distribution network with a national coverage, which includes a central office in Sofia and regional offices in all district cities in the country - Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Haskovo, Yambol, Blagoevgrad, Vidin.

Balkan Services has completed project in Amperel Ltd. for the deployment of ex-van sales to Atlantis ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) solution Qlik.



The project on implementation of Atlantis ERP started with Acsior company and successfully completed in late 2009 with implementation of all major components of a comprehensive and integrated ERP system with 50 drivers competing, along with over 90 user ex van-part.



The implemented solution includes reports and analysis of the business processes of the company. There are 40+ Qlik licenses installed. The solution is integrated with Atlantis ERP. The Network Infrastructure of Amperel is used. Each user uses his desktop computer and connects to the Qlik Server. Users don’t use Web access, but there is another system available, which can be used remotely.


Subscription commputer support for the complete infrastructure: network connectivity, computer systems, printers (local and network), network devices (switches, routers), servers, etc., thereby ensuring efficiency of the whole system rather than its separate components. Any action on a separate component (computer, printer, server or a switch) is consistent with the system as a homogenous entity.