Aqua Matrix OOD

Aqua Matrix OOD is a company specializing in retail and wholesale trade in sports goods, equipment, and accessories for winter sports, bicycles, surfing, and skateboarding.

The supplier is the official importer of brands like TREK, BONTRAGER, MAXXIS, Lib Tech, GNU, BENT METAL, LEVEL, ROXY, Northwave, Drake, Smith, 661, etc.



Project description

The company has implemented the #1 Cloud ERP system in the world – NetSuite. The ERP solution takes care of all sales processes which are conducted through various channels – online shop, physical locations and warehouses, B2B sales.

The comprehensive business management software combines information from all of the company's commercial channels. According to the client's requirements, the core NetSuite modules have been implemented – ERP, CRM, marketing and B2B modules, which allow:

  • Keeping a nomenclature of goods, including colors, sizes, photos, serial numbers;
  • Creating a large number of new items simultaneously by importing files;
  • Managing an online shop, which includes systematization and processing of information on clients, orders, inventories, various payment methods (credits, pay on delivery, cash, etc.), currency conversion, and support for several languages;
  • Following and maintaining price policies for all distribution channels;
  • Managing a wholesale B2B platform;
  • Simplified labeling of goods and working with bar code readers;
  • Performing and tracking transfers between warehouses within the company, planning of distribution of goods, internal requests, approval and performance, reserving quantities;
  • Taking care of a process for client complaints and complaints to suppliers;
  • Planning of delivery of pre-orders through the B2B portal;
  • Tracking of payments to suppliers and client liabilities – deadlines, currencies, payment methods;
  • Tracking history and an option for analysis of sales at the level of an item, group and characteristics of goods, client, etc.;
  • Quick exchange of files in various formats with logistics companies, suppliers, and vendors.


Benefits for the company

  • Management of all business processes through a single system;
  • Quick and easy access to company information from any device with access to the Internet;
  • Seamless import of large files with new goods and other documents;
  • Management of all distribution channels from a single system;
  • Automated management of marketing campaigns;
  • Automated recalculation of the current average supply price in real time;
  • Eliminating monthly warehouse and accounting completion procedures;
  • Improved management of warehouse inventory and reserving of goods;
  • 100% performance of client orders over various channels;
  • Simplified planning and reserving of deliveries in subsequent seasons;
  • Accelerated reporting and analysis of the current state of the business;
  • Optimization of financial reporting;


  • Automated submission of VAT journals and Intrastat reports;
  • Option to create brand-specific P&L;
  • Minimized errors in the processing of orders and deliveries.



  • Online shop;
  • Item labeling software;
  • "Omex" payroll system;
  • Qlik Sense Business Intelligence system.



Management, sales, finance, and marketing departments           



Project description

The Qlik Sense BI system is integrated at the commercial company. It automates reporting and supports the effective business analysis in three main areas: sales, inventory, and receivables from clients.


Benefits for the business

  • Excellent understanding of the whole business picture at any time;
  • Easy traceability of sales and margins by products, categories, locations;
  • Increased sales by categories as a result of timely and precise analysis;
  • Simplified operating and financial planning;
  • Traceability and analysis of warehouse inventory and unsold goods;
  • Option to prepare projections and strategies for future periods;
  • Simplified analysis of results.



ERP system



Management, Sales team.