Ivaylo Krastanov from Axxon Bulgaria - Balkan Services client
Ivaylo Krastanov
Sales Manager, Axxon Bulgaria AD

Balkan Services' client

Already during the preliminary meetings and impressive presentations that Balkan Services made for us, it became clear that the team of this consulting company is great and we get along with just "one" word." 
Qlik Sense implementation project 

Axxon Bulgaria AD

Axxon Bulgaria AD is a preferred distribution, logistics, and marketing partner in the FMCG sector with over 30 years of history. The company operates in a large number of distribution channels - international and local retail chains, stand-alone grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores, gas stations, home construction and maintenance stores, and other retail outlets selling goods to end customers. 


Project Description

For the past 30 years, Axxon's data has reached over 150 million records. The growth of the business, combined with the nature of the company's operations, created a need for additional reporting to be available to all employees.

Due to the sheer volume of data, prior to the implementation of a BI system, requests were sent to the IT department to generate specific reports which could take a full day to receive. After the project, such reports are produced by any authorized employee with a few clicks.

To meet the need for timely and accurate reports, Balkan Services implemented the Qlik Sense BI system at Axxon Bulgaria AD. The business analytics solution covers all reports in the departments of Sales, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, as well as a separate dashboard prepared for strategic purposes and encompassing key metrics from different areas in a common corporate dashboard.

The BI system implementation project started with a detailed business analysis of sales and the subsequent automation of reporting in the sales department.

Subsequently, functionalities were created to generate annual financial statements according to Bulgarian standards, a functional P&L and cash flow statement, as well as brand new accounting reports - general ledger, sales ledger, account history, balance sheet, income statement (P&L).

In the next stage of the project, a company-level dashboard was created, allowing management to track over 100 key performance indicators on a daily basis.


  • Automated and significantly accelerated reporting process;
  • Facilitated and accelerated the creation of customized reports in different sections and visualizations;
  • Guaranteed reliability and credibility of company data;
  • Free up employee time by eliminating the daily manual generation of a large number of reports;
  • Facilitated and accelerated timely and informed management decisions based on up-to-date data and comprehensive answers on market requirements and the company's current position;
  • Increased efficiency across the organization, easy and accelerated daily tracking of over 100 key performance indicators;
  • Easy access to historical data from 2002 to the present;
  • Facilitated tracking of the impact of discounts on sales and obtain information on a daily basis on the average discount the company is working with a customer;
  • Easy tracking of warehouse inventory, stock turns, and lot numbers by a customer, delivery, office, and expiration dates;
  • Improved stock control - in terms of numbers and shelf life, reducing rejects;
  • Immediate access to the sales ledger and general ledger;
  • Facilitated planning and comparison of data with historical periods.



  • Senior Management;
  • Sales department;
  • Finance and controlling department;
  • Accounting department;
  • IT Department;
  • Logistics;
  • Regional office managers.



  • ERP system of the company - QAD;
  • Logistics software.