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Yordan Ruzhinov
Yordan Ruzhinov
Financial analyst, Balev Corporation

Balkan Services' client

“By analyzing sales, we have been able to provide the necessary data for the two specific markets - internal and external and, at the same time, to unify them within a framework, thus providing the global picture of senior management.“

Balev Corporation Ltd.

“Balev Corporation” Ltd. was founded in 1990 and specializes in the production and distribution of car and home air fresheners. The company has its own factory and is a leading supplier on the territory of Central and Eastern Europe.

From the beginning of its production activity, “Balev Corporation” registered its own trademark “AREON” and signed contracts with partners from different countries - Russia, Ukraine, Greece and others. At present, air fresheners of the AREON brand are being sold successfully in more than 80 countries around the world.

Project: BI

Project description

The development and growth of the company impose the need for up-to-date and accurate data to be the basis for quick and informed management decisions.

For this purpose, it is planned to build and implement a Business Intelligence system covering two of the key areas of the business - sales and finance.

Qlik Sense application for accounting and sales analysis divided into directions has been created - internal and external market, including the following reports:

  • Regional results presentation;
  • Customer analysis - key customers by categories and turnover range;
  • Distributor analysis;
  • Industry analysis;
  • Detailed product reports;
  • Detailed document-level reports;
  • Detailed reports on customer obligations;
  • Analysis of new products - comparison of sales from zero base.

Qlik Sense application has also been developed in order to optimize the process of preparing the financial statements and reports of the company, including:

  • Balance sheet;
  • Turnover payroll;
  • Statement of revenue and expenditure;
  • Analysis of the change in balance components;
  • Analysis of cash;
  • Key financial indicators;
  • Analysis of customer obligations.


An opportunity to visualize the data in various graphic models including geographic maps, charts, graphics has been created.

Both applications are updated automatically each day and provide quick, up-to-date and unified information to system users in the form of standardized reports that are ready each morning.

Benefits to the company

  • A comprehensive overview of the company's situation;
  • Detailed sales information – up-to-date dynamic reports;
  • A unified version of the truth;
  • Increased efficiency of the operational activity;
  • Accelerated process of reporting and analysis;
  • Accurate analysis of commercial channels efficiency;
  • Saving time for key employees.

System users

  • Regional managers, sales department employees;
  • Financial analysts, financial controllers;
  • Senior management.


  • SAP;
  • External files (Excel).


You can learn more about the BI project in Balev Corporation from the video here >