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Hristo Stoyanov
Hristo Stoyanov
CFO, Boni Holding SA

Balkan Services' client

"Implementation has helped us to reconsider many of the processes that happen during the consolidation of the financial statements. We have succeeded in rearranging many things and putting them on a basis that allows comparability across each one of the companies."


Boni Holding AD is a leader in the production of pork and is among the most recognized producers of meat products and sausages. The company includes farms for hybrid and commodity pig breeding, as well as one of the most modern meat processing plants in Europe, which has technological capabilities to produce unlimited product range of meat products.

Since 2010, Balkan Services has implemented 4 projects at Boni Holding: BI system, software for financial performance management, IT support, and CRM solution.

Financial consolidation 

Project Description:

A specialized solution for consolidation and planning – LucaNet, was implemented.

A standardized format is created to fill in the individual reports of all companies that are automatically imported into the system with a control ensured over the data consistency.

Financial consolidation process automation:

  • elimination of internal group calculations;
  • revenues and expenses within the group;
  • unrealized gains on assets and inventories balances;
  • capital consolidation;
  • non-controlling participation in companies.

The software implementation allows the creation of an unlimited number of additional reports from the users without the need of the programmers’ or consultants’ intervention. 

Benefits to the company:

  • significant reduction in consolidation time;
  • minimizing errors and deviations;
  • historical traceability of the consolidation operations and procedures;
  • references including non-financial information allowing the creation of operational key indicators that support management decisions;
  • data details;
  • comparability of key indicators among individual companies, data for different time periods;
  • data visualization by type of activity in the group;
  • possibility of subsequent deconsolidation of subsidiaries;
  • minimum hardware requirements.


  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO);
  • Financial analysts;
  • Auditors.

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The project includes building a Data Warehouse. Solution users use Qlik for visualization of information, references, and analyses on multiple sections. Users can take advantage of the exceptional flexibility in visualizing the information from Qlik, thanks to the product’s associative technology, and to the ability to select and change dimensions in all references. The application allows to be compared the sales, the returned merchandise and the performance to past periods, and results achieved to planned ones. Basic key indicators are calculated and receivables per customers and payments can be easily analyzed with the possibility for drill-down to document level.

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IT support



  • comprehensive server administration service, computers (both desktop and portable), network equipment, office equipment and peripheral devices;
  • creation, storage and administration of archives;
  • user administration in active directory;
  • implementation of information security policies, firewall administration;
  • Sale of hardware (including commercial consultancy, sale, delivery, installation and maintenance);
  • Sale of software (including commercial consultancy, sale, delivery, installation). Scope: Operating systems, office packages, antivirus and application software.

Benefits to the company:

  • Continuity of the business process;
  • Information security and problem prevention;
  • Greater efficiency of all units within the company.



Project Description: 

The CRM project manages sales representatives’ activity via mobile application (Resco Mobile CRM), which takes into account the visits to the business premises as well as the activities at each one of them.

The Back office part (Microsoft Dynamics CRM) manages client nomenclatures, product data, and retrieves the information provided by the sales representatives and related to the sites.

Project Benefits (for the company):

  • Improving work accountability;
  • Accelerating the process of making requests by direct sending them to the distributor;
  • Tracking of problem goods /damaged and discarded/;
  • Opportunity the activity of the sales representative to be checked by the regional manager /Store check/;
  • Reporting and planning visits;
  • Ability for tasks assigning from regional managers to sales representatives;
  • Possibility for multiple references according to the sales representatives’ needs such as: number of visits, number of queries as well as the positions included in them.


  • regional managers and sales representatives.