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Financial Consolidation and Planning

Project Description:

The complex and diverse structure of the group leads to the implementation of an application, in order to optimize and facilitate the consolidation and planning processes.
Within the project integration with the main ERP system in the group has been made.
A format for importing reports and transaction data to companies that are not covered by the ERP system is built.

Automating the Financial Consolidation Process:

  • Elimination of the intergroup balances;
  • Income and expenditure of the group;
  • Unrealized gains on assets and inventories balances;
  • Capital consolidation;
  • Non-controlling participation in the companies.


Organizational structures have been developed to present data by activity (grouped business units from different companies with different levels of hierarchy). An opportunity to preserve multiple versions of the forecast data (Forecast) is provided to achieve optimal control over the deviations between goals and results.

Reports containing non-financial information supporting planning of the activity.

Benefits from the project:

  • significantly shortening the time for budgeting and forecasting;
  • automation of financial consolidation;
  • historical traceability of the consolidation operations;
  • real-time reporting by the functional currency and the group’s presentation currency;
  • traceability of information to primary transactions by integration with the ERP system;
  • option for parallel presentation of data - by companies and activities covering departments from different companies;
  • multi-level cost allocation by different criteria, depending on the period, type, level in the group structure.


  • Management;
  • Financial Department;
  • Business analysts;
  • Project management.