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Mihail Georgiev
Mihail Georgiev
Head of Credit risk and Reporting Department

Balkan Services' client

The implementation of Qlik Sense was a major step in the development of the processes related to data analysis and the automation of the company operational reports. The application has given us exceptional data visualization possibilities, a timely and interactive presentation of the results from the operational activity, as well as many other additional functions that lead to the improvement of quality when taking decisions.

On behalf of the Debt Collection Agency, I would like to thank the ‘Balkan Services’ team for the exceptional professionalism and the high quality of work that they showed during the implementation of our BI project."

Debt Collection Agency

The Debt Collection Agency is specialized in purchasing and managing receivables in Bulgaria and Romania. The company is operating in accordance with the legislation of both countries, it has been registered as a financial institution at the Bulgarian National Bank, it is a member of the Association of Collector Agencies in Bulgaria and is certified by the Commission of Personal Data Protection.


Description of the project

The project was implemented in one of the leading company departments – ‘Risk and Reporting’. Before the creation of a BI application, the reports took a lot of time and resources, as they were detailed, contained many key indicators and were prepared for different periods. After the implementation of Qlik Sense, the process for drawing up references became automated.

After a successful demo presentation, the implementation of the system started with analysis and business interviews with the team of the Debt Collection Agency, which resulted in the overall vision and strategy for the creation of the BI project. The company gathered a team of highly qualified specialists who actively assisted the Balkan Services consultants, in order to successfully implement the application.

A connection was made with the Agency’s core system. Then a long transformation process of data and algorithms for calculating key indicators followed.

A tool for inputting and calculating key indicators was created, which allowed to change the existing ones or to create new ones. An optimized data model was created which created the possibility to carry out a quick comparison across different time scenarios and sections.

10 dashboards with visualizations were prepared, which were intended for the different departments, as well as for analysis of the whole business performance. 

With the BI application users can view: the collection process – from the initial contact to the factual result; implementation of objectives; the efficiency and effectiveness of certain activities; historical analyses; a global picture of the business.

During the implementation, 5 specialized training for working with the platform at different stages of the project.

Benefits for the company

  • Saving key employees’ time;
  • Quick and reliable access to data and information;
  • Increasing the sections that can be used simultaneously for analysis – different point of view for the same situation;
  • Timely detection of errors and problems;
  • Automated references and analysis (no operational time is needed for their preparation);
  • Unification of reports with the same values and definitions – the so called Single point of truth;
  • Addition of new time scenarios and an opportunity to carry put comparisons under them;
  • An opportunity for separately preparing customized references.


  • ‘Risk and Reporting’ Department;
  • Senior Management.