Ramadan Ramada from EDEA - Balkan Services' client
Ramadan Ramadan

Balkan Services' client

When working with Balkan Services, we were like a team. This is due to the fact that the Balkan Services team is made up of good professionals who know the product capabilities very well.”


EDEA is an innovative retail chain that reflects global trends for the vision of the ideal hypermarket. The company focuses on the customer experience in its five modern outlets - a hypermarket in Ruse, two supermarkets in Shumen and one each in Razgrad and Hitrino. 


EDEA has implemented Qlik Sense - a new generation BI system, which allows insight into the information contained in the company's business data.

ThIS business analytics system covers the processes of sales analysis, workload by outlets and by time ranges, deliveries.

The purpose of the implemented solution is to optimize the product portfolio and delivery system.

Before the implementation of the business intelligence system, it used to take an employee a whole week to gather the necessary information to produce a particular report. After the BI implementation this now just a few clicks away.

The whole project was implemented completely remotely.


  • Facilitated quick, timely and informed decision making by management;
  • Significantly enhanced report generation capabilities;


  • A wide range of reports and previews visualizations;
  • Ability to easily customize reports;
  • Quick and easy simultaneous generation of reports from a massive volume of data from different users;
  • Quick access to systematic, timely and accurate business information - with a few clicks;
  • Simplified and accelerated analysis of sales, promotions, stock, store inventory;
  • Quickly and easily track key business metrics;
  • Minimize data errors, quickly detect inconsistencies;
  • Saving time and effort of key employees;
  • Facilitated forecasting, historical comparison, tracking of expenses and company performance against budget.





  • Management
  • Accounting Department
  • Sales Department