Ramadan Ramada, EGE Group - Balkan Services' client
Ramadan Ramadan
Executive Director of EGE Group

Balkan Services' client

During the deployment, we were like one team, not two separate companies with two separate teams. It was a unique experience. We worked as a unit, and this is perhaps because the employees of Balkan Services are skillful professionals who know very well the product capabilities. On the other hand, they understood very well what our needs were and suggested very adequate solutions and answers to our questions. Therefore, the whole process and work was performed with ease, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. When we finished the project, it even made me feel a little sad that I wouldn't see these people every week.”

EGE Group

EGE Group is a leading provider of complete solutions for the construction of grocery stores and other commercial establishments as it provides services on every stage — idea, design, construction, equipment, and servicing — catering to the needs and goals of its customers.



Project description

As the business of EGE Group expands and the volume of data with which the company operates increases, so does the need to quickly prepare detailed and diverse reports and analyses.

In order to speed up the process of reporting and making informed and timely managerial decisions, the company launched a project to deploy a Business Intelligence system.

Balkan Services built a BI system based on the Qlik Sense platform, which optimizes the business analytics related to the management processes of sales, revenue and expense.


Benefits for the business

  • A comprehensive view of the company's activity in real time;
  • Automated reporting process;
  • A wide range of possibilities for business analyzes and visualizations;


  • Significant improvement in the accuracy of inquiries in the company;
  • Minimization of data inconsistencies — timely detection and quick correction in the ERP system;
  • Facilitated forecasting, budgeting, and goal setting;
  • Effective tracking of the implementation of the set goals per traders;
  • Improved employees' focus on the important aspects of the activity;
  • Seamless simultaneous work of the users of the BI system;
  • Ability to save different sections for specific periods and a quick access to them at any time;
  • Facilitated timely managerial decisions and planning.



  • The company's ERP system.



  • Management;
  • Accounting Department;
  • Sales Department.