Chandra Chakravardaya, FF Group - Balkan Services' client
Chandra Chakravardaya
Online Store Manager Collective

Balkan Services' client

In the end, when you turn around and see where you've come from, what you've been through, and what you've achieved - that's the greatest satisfaction you can have. The right partner helps you realize where you could have gone wrong, so you don't go wrong in the future."


FF Group Bulgaria is a fashion trading company that owns 15 physical stores. Under the Collective brand, owned by the company, operate six physical outlets in the four largest Bulgarian cities, as well as an online store offers brands such as Emporio Armani, A | X, Karl Lagerfeld, Boss, Hugo, John Richmond, Love Moschino, Tommy Hilfiger, Chiara Ferragni and many others.


Every year, FF Group Bulgaria updates its product range with tens of thousands of new items, distributed according to various characteristics such as color, model, collection, and category. Once they expire, the collections are moved to outlet stores where they are sold at lower prices, and various promotions are made.

Part of the service system is smart customer cards with automatic accumulation and increase of discounts, and privileges for cardholders. Sales information in all stores is reported to the head office in real-time via the company VPN.


Project Description

Balkan Services implemented the Atlantis ERP system in FF Group Bulgaria, which covers the processes of sales, accounting, warehouse management, and reporting. Integrations with e-shop, warehouse software, loyalty card system were also implemented.

The company uses the Atlantis ERP system to automate sales, warehouse, and accounting activities.

The connection between Atlantis ERP and logistics partners is also fully automated, without the need to perform complex import procedures involving an operator.

In 2022, Balkan Services and FF Group are making two enhancements to the company's ERP system: on the one hand, a change to the integration already in place between the ERP system and the e-commerce platform, and on the other hand, a new integration with the warehouse software of the subcontractor selected to prepare and ship the online orders. The aim of the project is to automate online order processing.

In addition to the integrations performed, Balkan Services is also developing a new reporting package in the ERP system to help control the entire process.


The project covers the processes of online order fulfillment, payment authorization, online order tracking, returns management, automatic bill of lading generation, and undelivered order management.


  • Automated and optimized sales process of the online distribution channel;
  • Improved traceability of loyalty cards;
  • Optimization of warehouse and logistics processes;
  • Improved customer service and overall user experience;
  • Reduced online order processing and delivery times by up to 5 times;
  • Multiple year-on-year increases in online sales;
  • Overall increase in team efficiency, freeing up employee time and the ability to focus on online store development;
  • Easier tracking of shipped order status and improved delivery control;
  • Automation of order status mailings and improvement in overall customer communication.


  • Cashiers in physical stores;
  • Logistics Department;
  • Online Sales Department;
  • Accounting Department;
  • Warehouse Employees.



  • E-shop;
  • Warehouse company subcontractor software for preparing and shipping online orders;
  • Loyalty card system;
  • BI system Qlik View.



For the purposes of management, records and analyzes Qlik is being used, which is integrated with the ERP system quickly and effortlessly, thanks to the developed by Balkan Services Atlantis - Qlik Connector.