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FF Group (Elmec Sport) has nine shops in the country, two outlets in Sofiaand a wide network of wholesale distribution in Bulgaria. The company has over 200 employees and isworking with two of the largest logistics companies in the country. Together with Elmec Greece, Romania and ElmecHellenic Duty Free Shops, the company is part of the international group FolliFollie, which operates in 25 countries.



Annual FF Group works with more than 10,000 new items that are devided in a variety of features such as color, model, and collection category.  Part of the service system is working with smart loyalty cards with automatic accumulation and increased concessions and privileges to cardholders. Information on sales in all stores is reported in the central office in real time through corporate VPN. Automation of activities in relation to sales, warehouse and accounting firm uses Atlantis ERP, POS solution in the shops of FF Group is Atlantis Retail, and processing information about the client card is performed by Atlantis Fidelity Cards.The link between Atlantis ERP and logistics partners is automated, without the need to perform complex import procedures.



For the purposes of management, records and analyzes Qlik is being used, which is integrated with the ERP system quickly and effortlessly, thanks to the developed by Balkan Services Atlantis - Qlik Connector.