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Stefan Kemenchedzhiev
Stefan Kemenchedzhiev
Manager Business Analysis, FICOSOTA

Balkan Services' client

"Our products are present in about 50 markets. Now through the BI system each user can track sales in all markets, which the company operates in, using one report, instead of analyzing multiple reports for each market separately. This provides us with invaluable information on Ficosota's real sales and the way they are changing"


FICOSOTA is one of the fastest growing companies in Bulgaria, engaged in the manufacture and sale of fast moving consumer goods in several different directions - detergents and cleaning the house and clothes and body care, paper hygiene disposable products, foods. Many of company brands are leaders on the market not only in Bulgaria but also abroad. FICOSOTA sells its products in over 30 countries on several continents. FICOSOTA invented one of the most memorable brands in the market as: Tete-a-Tete, Teo, Feya, Semana, Savex, Pufies, Milde, EMEKA, Terter and others. Thanks to a unique mix of high quality products, creative marketing presence, innovation and audible to the user requirements the company is a market leader.


The first project is a dashboard to monitor implementation of all projects within the organization. The project was built on existing project of EDGAR management system. The solution monitors the status of all active projects, their scope, last updated information and priorities. It also gives detailed information about each project, allowing to trace the degree of completeness, the principal and others.
The second FICOSOTA project is focused specifically on the finances of the company. Its scope includes preparation and detection reports income and expenses, receivables, payables and accounting information from the ERP solution Integra. Detection includes information about sales and cost accounting information and accounting records - trial balance and history of accounting records. Influence the number of sales and prices of the items on the final result and receivables from customers broken down by region and supplier obligations are reflected. The goal is to be significantly automated and optimized operation of the Department of Finance and Accounting.
More innovative and more business decisions are to be developed and implemented. This will allow to be organized important information about sales through distributors. The company will be able to receive accurate information on sales to end users and goods in stock for each distributor.