First Investment Bank

First Investment Bank AD is a Bulgarian commercial bank with headquarters in Sofia, founded in 1993.

First Investment Bank (FIB) carries out banking activities on the territory of Bulgaria, as well as transactions abroad. FIB is a licensed primary dealer of government securities and an investment intermediary.

The First Investment Bank clients fall into the following groups: private persons; micro, small and medium businesses; corporate business and institutions.

First Investment Bank strives to continue to be one of the best banks in Bulgaria and the Balkan region, recognized as a fast-growing, innovative, customer-oriented bank that offers exceptional products and services to its customers and it provides excellent career opportunities for its employees. It is also socially engaged. The bank strives to develop a regional network of subsidiary banks and/or banks under common control to be able to serve the business needs in the Balkan region.



Implementation of a vertical banking solution called Atlantis ERP Financial, which serves the cost, financial, and accounting activity of the bank: allocation of expenses by cost centers and activities, management of fixed and short-term assets, purchase and warehousing of consumables, payments to suppliers, invoicing of customers, management of subordinates, taxes and fees, contractual services (rents, heating), commercial activity with numismatics (precious metals), vault management. Atlantis ERP Financial has been successfully integrated with the iFlex banking system, the TRZ system, Reveleus — a database for Basel II purposes.


Project description:

A BI solution based on the QlikView platform was implemented, which analyzes the sale and availabilities of investment gold and numismatics in all of the bank offices. The users can track transactions down to the smallest detail on a daily basis.

Benefits (for the company) from the project:

  • Automated preparation of statements and reports
  • Fast work with all historical information
  • Graphical representation of data and trends



The Director and the Gold and Numismatics Department



Atlantis ERP Financials