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First Investment Bank

First Investment Bank AD aspires to be one of the finest banks in Bulgaria and the Balkan region, recognized as a rapidly growing, innovative, customer-oriented bank, offering outstanding products and services, ensuring excellent careers for its people, and contributing to the community. The Bank aims at developing, through sister banks and subsidiaries, a regional banking network to service the business needs of the Balkan region.



Atlantis ERP Financial e complete solution for financial and cost accounting activities of the bank: allocation of costs and cost centers, management of fixed and current assets purchase and warehousing of supplies, payments to suppliers, invoicing customers, management of accountable persons, taxes and charges, contractual services (rent, heating), commercial operations , numismatics (precious metals), treasury management. Atlantis ERP Financial has been successfully integrated with the banking system iFlex, payroll system, Reveleus - database for the purposes of Basel 2.



A Business Intelligence system based on Qlik was implemented for analysis of sales, stock by offices and movement of precious metals (numismatics).