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GoodMills Bulgaria

GoodMills Bulgaria (Sofia Mel EAD) is one of the biggest and the most modern mills in the Balkans. GoodMills Bulgaria was founded in 1986. In April 2000, Loulis Group acquired the majority of the share capital. Since then the Company has made many improvements in the production, reconstruction and modernization of the equipment. In May 2009 the Austrian LLI Euromills GmbH acquired 100 % of the capital after the final tender offer and the previous agreement for sale.



Atlantis ERP serves the commercial, financial, accounting and manufacturing operations of the company. The implemented specific solutions: monitoring the weight of trucks with flour at the entrance and exit, continuous multiphase production of flour, tracking stocks and opportunities for hoarding by various criteria, automatic generation of queries. The project included the transfer of data from existing applications, new custom menus for user-friendly interface, flexible and convenient system for reporting.