Mihail Todorov
Mihail Todorov
Project Management Director at Groupama

Balkan Services' client

When professionals team up together, things do really work out. The effort was definitely worth it and we are all very satisfied because the results are really impressive: time and money saved, optimization and flexible system of great potential for upgrading."


"Groupama is part of the French bancassurance group Groupama Assurances Mutuelles with over 100 years of international expertise and presence in 10 countries. "Groupama entered the Bulgarian market in 2008 and already serves over 750 thousand customers in Bulgaria. The company offers a broad portfolio of insurance products for each aspect of people's lives and activities.


The massive data volume that Groupama works with, as well as the daily work with many different types of reports, necessitates the implementation of a centralized BI system that allows for a summarized, graphical and dynamic presentation of general and life insurance information.

Prior to implementing Qlik Sense, the company's IT department was tasked with generating and continuously adjusting over 200 separate static reports, wasting valuable time and resources every day.

To optimize Groupama's operations, the Balkan Services team developed and implemented a BI system that provides reports and analytics grouped into 6 main reports in the areas of sales, claims, payments, marketing, claims quota and portfolio analysis.

The business analytics system provides access to:

  • Main application containing 22 separate reference pages;
  • Application for checking applied mappings;
  • A payment application containing a reference with an embedded mechanism for saving historical data for previous periods;
  • Loss Ratios Application containing 4 pages of reports;
  • System applications (Governance apps) for monitoring licenses, access, sessions and reports used.


Qlik Sense downloads, processes and loads data on a daily basis from the core transaction system of both Groupama Insurance and Groupama Life Insurance.

A key functionality of the BI system is the introduction of a flexible tool that allows end-users to configure the format and content of data (columns - nomenclature and calculation) in it.

Benefits for the company

  • Automation of reporting in Groupama, which saves time for key employees to process and prepare the necessary reports and analyses;
  • Unified data in a single reporting system for general and life insurance;
  • Ability to track historical changes in certain variables such as customer, agent, policy status as of the last of the month;
  • Flexibility and dynamics in switching between business lines; and time periods - beginning of month, beginning of year; basis of reporting;
  • Ensured better data quality control;
  • Employees are free to customize their reports to their needs without the need for IT department intervention;
  • Faster and easier onboarding of new employees when using reports and analytics;
  • Manage user access by applying restrictions to the positions of individual employees in the company;
  • Facilitated tracking of company performance and results on a daily basis.


  • Top Management
  • Employees from sales, claims, marketing, finance departments