Mladen Mateev, Izida - Balkan Services client
Mladen Mateev

Balkan Services' client

One of the great challenges in the implementation of the project was the extremely short time for commissioning of the system - 5 days. Thanks to the RI software solution, the reporting time is reduced several times, despite the large volume of data accumulated. Reports are actually generated immediately."


Established in 1991 in the town of Dobrich with its main activity being ice cream production. The company also holds dry storage and refrigerated warehouses and offers full range of warehouse and logistic services, as well as specialized refrigerated transport services.
In 1999 the Company founded the "IZIDA" Tennis Club. Then in 2009, the Company built Park Hotel "IZIDA".

The product 'Retail.Intelligence (RI)'

Project description:

The RI product has been implemented to track sales in the company, at a detailed level and at a higher level. Trends, dependencies, product ratings and site ratings are monitored under different indicators. The client works with different time comparisons and can track calculations to their source information - a document line.

Benefits (for the company) from the implementation of the project:

• One version of the truth
• Automatic calculation of reports and analysis in the BI system
• Access from any location through a stationary or mobile station


The Company's medium and senior management, the administration


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