Svetoslav Nichinkov, Kika Group - Balkan Services' client
Svetoslav Nichinkov
Sales and Logistics Director

Balkan Services' client

Kika Group is a client who is very particular about personal attention. This was enough for us to realize that Balkan Services were the right people and decide that we wanted to work with them. Everything was very well defined and planned from the beginning. Things happened quite quickly and we had no problems"

Kika Group

Kika Group is the company behind the KikkaBoo brand, a baby brand created in 2016 and successfully launched in over 40 countries. Headquartered in Bulgaria, the company has branches in Spain and China. The main part of the business is export-oriented, with the foreign divisions having their warehouses.


Project Description

The need to integrate data from the different and independent of each other management systems of the Bulgarian and Spanish companies, as well as quick access to a comprehensive view of the business at any time, led to the decision to implement a new Business Intelligence system at Kika Group.

A comprehensive business analytics system, based on Qlik Sense, was developed for the company to cover and automate the processes of analyzing inventory and sales data across the organization.

The cloud version of the Business Intelligence software was implemented at Kika Group. The BI project started with an analysis of the company's reporting requirements and needs.

After building and testing the BI system, the feedback from its users was reflected in the system, thanks to which it was tuned to best meet the company's needs.


- The company has the whole business picture in one place;
- Quadruple speeds up the process of producing certain reports;
- Facilitated analysis of sales across different sections - customers, products, markets, merchants;
- Automated procurement analysis process leading to greater order accuracy;
- Quick and easy tracking of key sales metrics such as turnover by country and customer, gross margin;
- Improved analysis of product turnaround - when ordered, when arrived, in what period sales are made, what stock of it the company should have;
- Facilitated planning of future orders;
- Accelerated ordering to factories, which improves inventory management and optimizes sales;
- Facilitated tracking of leading brands by sales and by category;
- Facilitated analysis down to the lowest level - specific product;



- Guide;
- Sales Department;
- Product Department.