Konstantin Shalamanov, Lavena AD - Balkan Services client
Konstantin Shalamanov
CEO of Lavena AD

Balkan Services' client

It was important to us that the consultants understood our needs, advised us through the implementation process, and was a partner, not just selling us a product. That's why Balkan Services' experience and good reputation in the market was crucial"

Lavena AD

Lavena AD is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic products and lavender oil in Bulgaria. Over the last 60 years, the company has marketed its brands on 5 continents and in over 40 countries. Apart from the popular "Bochko" products for children and babies, the company also owns the brands "My Nature", "Bebble", "Maternea", "My Rose", "Kiki", "Working Hands", "Hands@Work", "Footness" and "Sport Ready".

The company produces 50 tonnes of lavender oil a year, making it one of the leading lavender oil producers in the world.


Implementation of a BI system

Project Description

As Lavena plc's business and amount of data grew, quick access to accurate and timely information became challenging. Generating the required reports was becoming increasingly time-consuming, the scope of reports was insufficient and each additional section required additional time resources.
In response to this need, the company decided to implement the cloud version of the Qlik Sense BI solution.

In response to this need, the company decided to implement the cloud version of the Qlik Sense BI solution.


The joint project of "Lavena" and Balkan Services covers and automates business analysis processes in the sales area. The built BI application includes a basic dashboard (the so-called Dashboard) at the company level, the ability to customize reports according to individual needs, product analysis, customer analysis, discount analysis, geo-analysis, and receivables.


  • Availability of a single source of information: an effective analysis and decision-making tool that gives all users access to uniform data on key business metrics;
  • Simplified and accelerated sales data processing and analysis;
  • Accelerated detection of problem areas and timely decision-making;
  • Simplified and accelerated process to analyze various trade discounts - monthly, quarterly, annual, and their effect on sales;
  • Accelerated and facilitated access to pre-defined reports and analytics;
  • Ability to generate customized reports with just a few clicks;
  • Increased sales data accuracy and quick access to up-to-date data;
  • Timeliness and ease of use of available information;
  • Significant time savings for key employees.



  • Management;
  • Finance and accounting department;
  • Sales Department.