Blagovest Vitanov from MFG - Balkan Services' client
Blagovest Vitanov
Head of Reporting & Budgeting at MFG

Balkan Services' client

All meetings with the Balkan Services team went quickly and smoothly. The team understood what our company needed and guided us through the entire process during the LucaNet implementation. The colleagues from Balkan Services were tightly beside me at every point where a decision had to be made. This made me feel very relaxed and secure in working with them." 
LucaNet implementation project 

Management Financial Group

MFG is a group of over 30 companies specialising in the provision of non-bank financial services in Europe. The group is represented by popular companies and brands such as Easy Credit, White Card, Viva Credit, Fintrade, Agency for control of outstanding debts, P2P lending platform iuvo, NewPay and many others.


Implementation of FPM (Financial Performance Management) solution by LucaNet

Project Description

MFG has implemented LucaNet, a specialized financial performance management system (FPM) for organizations, with which the Group automates and significantly shortens its financial consolidation and planning processes.

The Group has also implemented a dedicated LucaNet module to aggregate financial data by company and load it into the system. It allows traceability and comparability of transactions between related parties.

Statistics have also been entered into LucaNet to create different key performance measurement indicators for each company.


Benefits for the business

  • Facilitated and accelerated financial consolidation and management reporting processes;
  • Significantly enhanced financial data analysis capabilities;
  • Quick comparison of transactions performed during the year;
  • Increased accuracy of financial information and minimized errors;
  • Single version of the reality;
  • Freeing up key staff time to execute strategic activities;
  • Faster and easier tracking and comparison of financial performance of Group companies.



  • Reporting and Budgeting team;
  • Accounting team.