Viktor Spiriev, Monbat, Balkan Services' client
Viktor Spiriev
CEO, Monbat Group

Balkan Services' client

"At Monbat we are committed to excellence. When it comes to monitoring and control of our manufacturing processes, we leverage the use of IT technology to create an efficient and effective control environment." Projects: Implementation of Atlantis ERP and Qlik


The Monbat group of companies is a leading European manufacturer of lead-acid batteries with various applications.

Monbat AD is the largest producer of rechargeable batteries with various applications in Bulgaria. The company's products, which include starter batteries, stationary batteries, batteries for photovoltaic systems, special batteries with military application and locomotive batteries, are known in 50 countries.


The implemented business management system Atlantis ERP covers the entire activity of the company. Atlantis ERP also introduces the technical indicators of the process, on which subsequent control is carried out, which gives a solid basis for comparison of the entire production process. The material procurement processes are also automated. The Logistics department uses the system to organize the transportation of supplies to the plant, monitor the status of the orders placed, notify the suppliers through automatically generated messages about the receipt of the materials or the preparation of certain delivery routes from and to the company providing the finished products or raw materials. Together with the company management, the KPIs and measures for the efficiency of the factory have been developed. This was achieved using the Qlik BI solution.



The project was implemented on Qlik BI in two stages. At the first stage, the needs for analysis of the production processes have been covered. The key performance indicators (KPIs) are displayed and analyzed on dashboards, monitoring their implementation in relation to the company's daily or monthly goals. The second stage of the project covers financial analysis, balance sheets, operating statements, cash flows. It gives a clear view of the current financial position.

The solution has been integrated with the implemented Atlantis ERP system. The integration of Atlantis ERP and the Qlik BI solution has many benefits. There are detailed reports on cost centers for the manufactured products and the input materials, detailed reports per shifts for achieving the set goal. The data generated by both systems make it possible to determine the cost price by type of finished product and by production phases. This allows a comparison of the cost price against the selling price and the exchange price determined by the London Metal Exchange. All pre-set reports are executed as required by the management. Currently, they are prepared quickly and provide the necessary information to their users.

A project with European co-financing

Project Overview

The main goal of the project is to improve the working conditions in MONBAT AD in compliance with the norms and requirements of the legislation on safety and health at work.

Implementation of the project

Through financing for BGN 226,727.16 secured under the Human Resources Development (HRD) operational programme (OP) under the Safe Work grant scheme.

Achieved results

The improved working conditions contribute to increased labor productivity and production efficiency by creating conditions for rational use and organization of the labor, materials and financial resources. Prerequisites have been created to reduce work accidents and occupational diseases.

Project activities

The following main activities were carried out under the project:

Analysis of the condition and design of the labor activity organization, as well as development and acquisition of standards for safe working conditions in connection with the introduction of new work equipment and technologies (OHSAS 18 001).

Personal protective equipment and special work clothes have been purchased for all employees in the enterprise increasing the safety at work.