Orgachim is a company of more than one hundred years history. During its long way it has passed through years of wars and economic crises, but it has succeeded to save and develop its production potential. Today it is a modern industrial company, which produces a wide range of products; it has intellectual potential and big production capacity.




The application loads data from the existing company's Data Warehouse and its purpose is to prepare the data for the monthly statement of the company and the information is displayed by the means and possibilities of the Business Intelligence technology. The main benefits of the new decision are:
1) A new look and presentation of the main key performance indicators for the company - management dashboard;
2) Automating the process of preparing monthly reports for management;
3) Avoiding the possibility of making mistakes in the manual handling of information (usually Excel);
4) Many more rapid production records and the opportunity for rapid detection /correction of erroneously entered information into the company ERP system(Oracle);
5) Ability to work in an interactive and intuitive environment, rapid user training and the ability to easily add new reports and data;
6) Ability to maintain historical data, comparisons, trends and more.