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ProStream Group

ProStream Group is the ecological solutions and fluids management market leader. The company provides modern solutions on all aspects of water and waste water treatment serving the industry and municipalities. It is specialized in the marketing of a comprehensive line of industrial valves and pumps designed to perform with maximum safety. The industry leaders who work with ProStream Group are Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas, “Maritsa east 2”, Varna EAD–CEZ, NPP Kozloduy and many others. Leading European fluid management companies are ProStream Group’s partners - Nijhuis Water Technology, Netherlands; KSB AG, Germany, KSB Amri, France.


Atlantis ERP serves commercial, financial and accounting company’s activities. All reports are realized with the tools of the ERP system. The system works by projects. As a result customer’s service and the project cost control are improved.


Subscription commputer support for the complete infrastructure: network connectivity, computer systems, printers (local and network), network devices (switches, routers), servers, etc., thereby ensuring efficiency of the whole system rather than its separate components. Any action on a separate component (computer, printer, server or a switch) is consistent with the system as a homogenous entity.