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Snezhana Panteva

Balkan Services' client

‘The high work standards and professionalism of the Balkan Service team provided an opportunity to develop and implement a software application that allows strategic and operational analysis of all aspects of our business. A variety of data streams are accumulated in real time to allow monitoring and adequate impacts on the business activity. Last, but not least, the subsequent service is extremely satisfactory, which implies continuity in the use of the applications.’

Rojen - 1 Ltd.

„Rojen - 1” Ltd. is a trading company specializing in the exclusive wholesale delivery, storage and distribution of products of Mondelez for Bulgaria. Its activities include distribution, merchandising and logistics in over 6,000 sites in southern Bulgaria, as well as a number of sites in Romania.


Project Description:

Considering the company's needs, a solution is built that allows a comprehensive business analysis including:

  • Data and sales results processing;
  • Traceability of manufacturer's standardized targets;
  • Costs;
  • Stocks and cash flows;
  • Receivables;
  • Obligations and more

Project also includes building an application for tracking the overall business result and presenting it in P & L (Profit & Loss) management with the required sections.

Project is adapted to the Romanian branch of the company, which uses the same set of analyze, as well as to a company specialising in the export of goods: Es Commerce.

Benefits for the company:

  • Bringing together previous and current system data and their comparison;
  • Ability to track performance results from company level to source of information (drill-down);
  • Linking inquiries, analyzes and key indicators to specific activities, engagements and needs of company employees;
  • Existence of a complete and precise information in the company at any time;
  • Single point of the truth - centralized drafting and storing reports;
  • Increased speed, quality and transparency in strategic, mid-term and short-term decisions;
  • Detecting dependencies in data that lead to new opportunities;
  • Access to data from anywhere and through any device - stationary and mobile.


Users of the system:

  • Company’s owners;
  • Senior Management.