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Founded in 1998, 'Speedy' is the largest Bulgarian courier service with a market share of 32%, with more than 1,100 employees and more than 700 transport vehicles. The company handles the shipments of over 700,000 customers and 12 million shipments per year.

Implementation of a BI solution

Project description:

Projects, analysing a number of key performance indicators (KPI) are gradually implemented in the financial, commercial, logistic, operational, IT and other departments of SPEEDY AD. The solution is based on various types of Dashboards that graphically represent the many different indicators, monitored by company employees. Both in graphical and tabular BI data representations, users have the option of choosing time scenarios, tracking in detail each case and even specify the dimensions to be included in their analysis.

Benefits (for the company) from the implementation of the project:

• Working with references and reports for the different periods is fast
• Centralized approach to KPI visualization and computation
• Saving time for the IT department


The Members of the Board of Directors, the Financial Director (the Chief Financial Officer) and the Financial Department, the Commercial Manager and the Sales Department, the Logistic Department


Internal system, Excel files