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Hristo Urumov
Hristo Urumov
CEO and owner, STAMH Ltd.

Balkan Services' client

Throughout the years, I have had experience with several teams who deployed software for us, and I have reached the conclusion that it's pointless to purchase the best software available on the market if you don't have the people to properly deploy it. I would say Balkan Services has a very good deployment team, knowing what to do and now to do it, and that is essential when it comes to the successful realization of such projects."


STAMH LTD is part of an international chain of STAMH Group companies operating in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Russia, Italy, the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Serbia and Croatia. The company was established in 1998 and specializes in the creation of innovative warehouse storage solutions. STAMH LTD provides all services in the process of manufacturing warehouse systems: design, assembly, delivery, service and complete engineering.

The company has over 1,800 projects in Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Austria, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Hungary.

Project description

The cloud solution for complete business management - NetSuite, is implemented. The CRM module of the system covers the entire business process of the company – “Lead to order”, which involves commercial and engineering teams and is characterized by passing through many stages. The ERP module of the software covers the entire “Order to Cash” process of the company.

The system is localized for Bulgaria and is fully compliant with the legal requirements and accounting standards in the country.

The following functionalities for managing the specific processes in the company are built and implemented:

  • Received inquiries, lead sources, customer type - existing or potential;
  • Preparing offers with technical specifications;
  • Generating reports that give a detailed look at each stage of the sales process, reasons for refusal, versions of offers, etc.;
  • Engineering, design, production of warehouse structures;
  • Detailed budgeting of project costs, including cost of materials, automatic cost calculation for transportation, engineering, assembly, logistics and project management, as well as commercial commissions.
  • Project management, planning of deadlines and tasks, tracking and notification of deadlines;
  • Payments planning, automatic generation of orders on pre-created templates;
  • Management of the logistics process - merging of orders by suppliers, organizing and tracking of transport at the level of orders, items and means of transport, storage and preservation of materials on site at the company's warehouses (distribution according to a predetermined criterion), sending the materials to the customer;
  • Organizing and tracking the assembly process;
  • Preservation of the complete information for present or potential clients and projects - specifics, field of activity, contacts, drawings, documents, payments, deadlines, responsible persons, etc.;
  • Full coverage of accounting and financial processes, forecasting, comparison of real and estimated values.


  • A comprehensive view of the business situation by aggregating the complete information about the organization in one system;
  • Ability to track, approve certain actions according to predefined criteria, optimization and complete transparency of all business processes;
  • Automating the planning, distribution, forecasting, tracking processes, task notification and their deadlines;
  • Significant shortening of the time for preparation of reports;
  • Optimization of cash flow management, financial reporting and planning.


The system is used by all departments in the company.