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Top Drinks

Since 1994 Top Drinks Ltd. is one of the leaders in the distribution of beverages in Bulgaria. By offering more than 4000 products the company is a primary partner to thousands of stores in Sofia, offering a good and timely service, facilitating the submission of their applications and attractive prices.



Within three months the database and interfaces to major systems used in the company were built. There have been numerous reports on commercial and other activities. One of the main systems and data sources in the company is the ERP solution Microsoft Axapta. Top Drinks has several types of users of QlikView. Managers of medium and high management level, which previously had very fragmented and minimal information on business development, now have much richer data, making it easier in making management decisions. Another part of the users are operators and statisticians who have previously worked primarily with Excel. This process, however,except that it requires time and laborious, is associated with manual processing of basic data, and is difficult to ensure systematization of records and accuracy in them. Deploying the BI solution has significantly cut time and reduced the use of manual labor for preparing operational information and optimizing the performance of employees.