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Zlatina Yotova
Zlatina Yotova
Financial director at UBB Interlease EAD

Balkan Services' client

By using Qlik Sense we have the opportunity to focus on data analysis. It helps us to base our management decisions on up-to-date data, presented in a much more visible way, which increases the speed of the decision-making process and the competitiveness of the company in general. The results already show that we achieve better growth in the “New Business” secton, which is of utmost importance for us as a company, for the shareholders and the whole group.

UBB Interlease

UBB Interlease EAD is a leading Bulgarian lease company which is part of the Belgian banking and insurance group KBC Group. UBB Interlease finances the purchase of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, transportation vehicles, production equipment, construction and agricultural equipment for almost all sectors of the Bulgarian economy and the public sector. The main forms of financing provided by the company are financial and operating leasing.


Project description:

The continuous development of the company, the needs for an increasing number of analyzes, more detailed reports, additional perspective and the search for dependencies between the different key indicators, create the need for automation of the reports and establishment of a single, flexible and dynamic information and reporting system.

As a result of the implementation of Phase 1 of the UBB Interlease project, the Qlik Sense Business Intelligence system was developed and implemented, which covers sales analysis for „New Business“ and „Portfolio“, and in particular reports for:

  • Accomplishment of the set goals at agent level;
  • Market share;
  • Active clients, top clients and deals, top suppliers;
  • Cross sales;
  • Insured assets, premiums and commissions;
  • Business line profitability analysis;
  • Profitability of lease administrators, agents, brokers.

In a single BI application, accessible to end users, 22 dashboards have been developed with graphical and tabular references as well as key indicators. The business analysis system sets out rules for managing end-user access by level and position within the organization.

BI software has been successfully integrated with the company’s core lease management system (contracts and applications), accounting system and related external Excel files that support data for planned purposes.

Benefits for the company:

  • Free up time for key company employees by automating the preparation of reports and references on predefined dimensions, metrics and key indicators;
  • Elimination of manual data consolidation and automated consolidation and unification of data from different sources;
  • Aggregated and detailed data at different levels and sections that open up opportunities to ensure data quality control - tracking and correcting inaccuracies;
  • Access and availability of daily up-to-date reports to enable the review and analysis of results;
  • One version of the truth - all users work with the same data;
  • Ability to analyze data to the lowest level (drill down). 


  • Senior management of the company and the group;
  • Chief Financial Officer and Reporting Unit of the Financial and Accounting Department;
  • Heads of units - regional managers, etc.;
  • Business analysts;
  • IT Department.