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Borislav Mirchev
Borislav Mirchev
CEO and shareholder, VISCOM BG CORP.

Balkan Services' client

"It's too hard to cover the big picture through different systems. That's why we've decided to deploy a modern ERP system that integrates as much as possible all business processes and all of our companies."

Viscom BG Corp.

Viscom is one of the largest distributors of indoor and outdoor advertising materials in Bulgaria. The company also operates in Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Romania. The products offered by Viscom are used in industries such as furniture, machine building, lighting, interior design as well as in construction.


Project description

For the company's business in Bulgaria, the cloud ERP solution NetSuite was deployed. The system covers the Order to Cash process, including the following functionalities:

  • Client orders, pricing policies, credit control, payment methods, implementation period and maturity, approval process;
  • Inter-company transfers between warehouses, product distribution planning, internal orders, approval and execution;
  • Logistics;
  • History, analysis and forecasting of demand at item level, seasonality, customer, etc.;
  • Planning of necessary deliveries;
  • Systematization, processing and traceability of obligations to suppliers - terms, currencies, methods of payment

For the project's purposes Balkan Services developed and implemented a Bulgarian localization package for NetSuite.



Benefits to the company

  • Quick and easy access to information for the whole business, systemized at one place;
  • Clarity on the big picture through a unified system;
  • Full traceability of the business processes;
  • Better management, planning and optimization of inventories and supplies;
  • Credit monitoring on customers and strict tracking of payments;
  • Optimization of cash flow services, financial reporting and planning;
  • Facilitated tracking of batches, storage life of materials, stock availability of each item in each one of the warehouses in the country;
  • Elimination of possible calculation errors due to automatic conversion of prices, currencies and units of items;
  • Simple servicing of company-specific processes for custom cutting and cutting of goods.


Used by all departments in the company.