"I would like to express my satisfaction with the work of Balkan Services team, which accepted the challenge of our project, thanks to the efforts of their team, along with the team of Vinprom Peshtera, we achieved results, allowing for greater transparency in the analysis of the existing information and strategic business decision-making in real time, which is extremely important for adequate market behaviour."


Established more than 75 years ago, the company is a leader in the production of alcoholic beverages in the country and the region. It owns eight (8) of the most modern alcohol factories in the region. It operates on more than 80 markets all over the world. With 80% sales growth over the last 5 years.

Implementation of a complete BI solution and FiVa

Project description:

Several projects for management and operational needs have been implemented. Monitoring the entire sales process from the sales to distributors in the country and outside of the country (Sales In) to the sales from distributors in the country to the end sales points (Sales Outs). Financial results, marketing budgets, historical analyses, and major key indicators for decision-making are also monitored. A separate application has been developed to analyse the quantitative and qualitative performance of sales teams and their daily monitoring. Applications are continuously evolving in line with the dynamic development of the company.

Benefits (for the company) from the project:

• Single point for calculation of KPIs and daily reports and analyses
• Saving time of key employees
• Daily, ready-to-use results, from any point


Financial Director, Financial and Accounting Department, Sales Director, Supervisors and Traders, Auditors, Administration, Marketing, others.


Ultimate Accounting (Oracle Databases), Entersoft CRM, FiVa, Excel files.