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"It was essential for us to implement not just a CRM system, but also a solution that allows our teams at all times to have the information they need to work effectively. I am very happy and appreciate that Balkan Services has provided us with a comprehensive solution that fully meets our requirements and increases the efficiency of our employees. The food supplements sector in Bulgaria is developing at an ever faster pace and the introduction of a modern mobile CRM system will allow us to meet the growing interest of Bulgarian consumers in our products. "

Walmark Bulgaria

The Czech company Walmark is the producer of food supplements, most in demand by the consumers of food supplements in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
The company has the widest portfolio of products and most advanced product range of food supplements in the Czech Republic that has also been complimented with medicinal products for human use.
It is also known as one of the largest producers in the Czech Republic of food supplements and nutrition for people, actively engaged in sports.

Deployment of the CRM solution

Project description:

Balkan Services has implemented at Walmark's Food Supplements and Healthy Nutrition Company the first mobile CRM (Customers Relationship Management)application - a solution for compatibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with mobile phones. The product of Balkan Services is also the first mobile business application, adapted to work with the latest intuitive touch-screen interface for mobile phones. It adds to the traditional features of CRM systems for customer relationship management and options for mobile operations of employees on-the-go, allowing them to access the customer database and nay information on their previous and new orders from any point and location. This increases the efficiency of sales representatives, who can now accept orders, still at customer's premises or while on a business trip, at a workshop or a conference or simply in a traffic jam on the way to the office.
This solution covers all necessary operations, performed by commercial and medical representatives on the move and by the back-office staff. The mobile module of the solution supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.
The mobile part of the application is used by commercial and medical representatives to perform all necessary operations during visits to pharmacies and doctor's offices. Their route is specified in advance and they can receive up-to-date information about all tasks and activities. First, the sales representative receives the GPS coordinates of all pharmacies and physician's offices/hospitals and they are automatically entered into the system. The solution is integrated with Google Maps. On its mobile device, the sales representative / the medical representative receives a list of the assigned pharmacies / physician's offices, assigned to him/her, along with all related data.
Focusing on pharmacies, the sales representative: The sales/medical representative records the time and the GPS coordinates of each visit, takes the orders, advises who the distributor / warehouse of delivery shall be, calculates the bonus products on the site, receives information and takes care of partially delivered or non-delivered orders, carries out and records various merchandising activities - takes photos, collects his/her own product lists and those of its competitors, registers prices, checks merchandising standards, provides brochures and samples, etc. Focusing on physician's offices, the medical representative: The sales/medical representative selects between two types of visits - individual and group visits / events, registers all activities, performed in the system - provided brochures and promotional materials, samples left, presentations made, feedback received, etc.
The Back Office part of the application is used to monitor all activities of sales representatives, to manage distributors / warehouses, it is also used for product management, management of pharmacies, physician's offices, promotions, pricing, policies, and others, comprising a number of specific sales reports.

Benefits (for the company) from the project:

The company's management spends less time on operational tasks. Significantly improving the performance of sales representatives.
Shortening the time for taking/placing orders. Increased revenue for the company. Improved customer targeting. The solution provides full reporting and analysis capabilities for sales agents.


The back-office solution is used by the sales department and regional managers.
The mobile solution is used by sales representatives and regional managers.