Vladimir Vassilev, YUPPI OOD - Balkan Services' client
Vladimir Vassilev
partner and sales director, YUPPI OOD

Balkan Services' client

"To be quite honest this is the first time I hit upon IT professionals of such level I was very pleasantly impressed and really happy with the work done"


YUPPI OOD is a Bulgarian supermarket chain for food and non-food products, which head office is located in Gorna Oryahovitsa. The company was established in early 2003 and currently employs over 100 people.


Project description

The daily tracking of sales, promotions and the overall activity of the stores in the chain imposes the need for YUPPI OOD to integrate the BI application and the ERP system of the company.

Prior to the integration of the software systems, the company employees used to extract manually data from the ERP and to import them into the business analysis platform, which took a significant resource.

An integration of the BI instrument has been made, which allows automatically extract of information, its processing and visualizations the data in the Business Intelligence application on a daily basis.

Balkan Services built defined structures in the BI system, i.e., distributions by items and groups of items, by suppliers and customers, by indicators and calculations, on the basis of which reports, analyzes and visualizations have been prepared, covering the most important indicators for tracking sales on a daily basis. These structures allow the easy making of additional reports and views of BI applications in the future.

The following sales analyzes have been developed and provided:

  • Dynamic reports for sales and current stocks;
  • Analyzes for related and unrelated sales;



  • Analysis of promotions;
  • Analyzes of lists of articles and groups of articles;
  • Reports related to price periods;
  • Specialized dashboard with 4 main indicators: quantity, values, number of customers and gross profit, which can be analyzed for different time periods - from the beginning of the current week, from the beginning of the month and from the beginning of the year.


Benefits for the company

  • Automatic preparation of various types of detailed analyses, reports and visualizations;
  • Elimination of the manual data download from the company's ERP system and their manual feeding to the BI application;
  • Daily automatic updating of all information about sold items, groups and subgroups of items, for promotions, stocks, customers and shops;
  • Quick access to systematized information on which product groups contribute to the growth or decline in sales for a certain period;
  • Possibility for detailed tracking of promotions and analysis of the periods in which the products are discounted, realized sales and their values, gross profit and customers;
  • Better visibility of the business development and sales on a daily, monthly and annual basis



  • Company management