Nikolay Nikolov from Zaharni zavodi trade - Balkan Services' client
Nikolay Nikolov
CEO, Zaharni zavodi trade

Balkan Services' client

The Balkan Services team has a professional attitude, I like the opportunity for feedback and the speed of response to problems. I am very satisfied with the services provided." 
Qlik Sense implementation project 

Zaharni zavodi

Zaharni zavodi trade is part of the Zaharni zavodi Group and is responsible for the distribution and logistics of the company's products such as sugar, confectionery, ethanol, and others.

Founded in 1912, Zaharni Zavodi is the largest food production complex in Bulgaria and the leading producer of sugar, confectionery, and ethyl alcohol in the country.



Project Description

As a commercial company, the volume of data that the company operates with is huge, which makes the preparation of reports and business analysis laborious, and time-consuming, and creates the risk of errors and inaccuracies in the data. Thus the need for a comprehensive business analytics system that provides the organization with a single version of the truth.

In 2020, Balkan Services and Zaharni zavodi trade was launching a project to build a BI system based on the Qlik Sense platform. The first stage of the project is the preparation of a business analysis of the company's processes, as well as detailed planning by stages of project implementation according to the needs assessment.

A BI application has been built for Sugar Factory Trade to optimize and automate the sales analysis processes. Next, a company financial analysis and functional P&L application was created to help track the distribution of revenue and expenses by line of business.

The next step in building a comprehensive BI system was an application to analyze data from the company's CRM system, facilitating the tracking and analysis of sales team performance and budgets.

Benefits for business

  • Quick access to aggregated and accurate data on key metrics for the business as a whole, as well as separately for the company's two main divisions - Sugar and Sugar Products;
  • Accelerated and facilitated commercial and financial data analysis processes, as well as tracking sales team performance, targets met, and sales activities performed;
  • Significant reduction in time to produce reports and statements;
  • Facilitated access to timely and up-to-date information on target achievement and financial performance;
  • Quick access to correct information on the allocation of income and expenses to different lines of business;
  • Facilitated strategic and day-to-day decision-making based on correct and up-to-date data;
  • Improve the quality of the company's data;
  • Facilitated tracking of sales team performance and activities.



  • Azure;
  • Excel files;
  • Company's CRM system - RESCO CRM.



  • Manual;
  • Marketing team;
  • Sales division heads and regional sales managers.