WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Business generates a huge amount of data that remains unused, even though it hides many business opportunities and is an inexhaustible source for optimization. These systems (ERP, MRP, CRM, payroll ...) do not allow business users ad-hock analysis from multiple sources with convenient, intuitive interface. Short and simple Decision-cycle analysis. Allows strategic and trend analysis, What-if Scenarios, Relationship between strategy and the results (and a map for the implementation of CPM (Corporate Performance Management).

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAM? Continuous monitoring of key indicators for business-KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). Direct access to the information management level. Unified interface. Working with large amounts of data. Multiple data sources. Data must be processed specifically to become comfortable for analysis. The main databases are overloaded with operational and management reporting and analysis.

WHO IS THIS COURSE INTENDED FOR? Management staff: CEO, CFO, COO, Director HR, IT managers, chief accountants, business users, Excel power-users, users who process large amounts of data, employees of Reporting and Controlling departments, Risk departments, Control of costs.
What knowledge will the participants have received when they complete the course? They will receive answers to what creates the need for CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solutions. Link strategy with results - synchronization. Sample map for implementation of the CPM. Short guidelines for visual representation of KPI's. Implementation strategies. Graduates will receive a certificate.

May 21, 2013
Center for Education and Culture "Iliev" at the American University in Bulgaria - Sofia
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