On October 17th in Sofia, for а second year will be held the .digicompLead Business Software Conference organized by Balkan Services. The event will be titled “The Measurable Benefits of Digital Transformation” and will present up-to-date and workable software solutions for overall business management.

In the first part of .digicompLead, proven experts from leading international companies will present the latest trends in business software and its benefits. Representatives of Oracle NetSuite, Qlik, LucaNet AG, SoftOne Technologies and Microsoft will share how innovative digital solutions help companies be competitive.

In the second part of the conference, in parallel sessions, will be demonstrated digital solutions that will help achieving “operational excellence” and “management excellence”. Companies that took the journey of digital transformation will share their experience with business software and the benefits it brings.

.digicompLead 2019 is for anyone looking for effective solutions to their day-to-day business challenges.

At the Business Software Conference, you will have the opportunity to make professional contacts as well as ask your questions directly to representatives of leading software companies and consultants with years of experience.

Book your seat at the conference until September 19th to take advantage of the preferential entry tickets!

More information about .digicompLead can be found on the website of the event >